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"I've taken my Dually  (Boon Doc Dually x Peppys Jewel) to a branding, a cattle drive & on miles of trails. He handles it all real good. I enjoy him every day."

-Sandy Short, renowned trick rider

"Woodrow (Boon Doc Dually x Star Wood Cutter) & I can dally a calf, haul hay, ride the trails- he's the best ever!

I'm very proud of these colts, the best-minded horses I've ever been around."

- Skip Arntzen, Farrier


"Topaz (Boon Doc Dually x Peppys Jewel) is a good-moving, well built horse with good conformation, easy to catch & get along with. He has a smart & curious mind that is always looking to please. There's a real good chance he will make a solid kids horse at a young age."

-Parker Butterfield, Owner/trainer


Sk trainer Cain Quam started Topaz & says this was one of the best colts he's ever started. In fact when his mom was looking for a colt to ride he recommended Topaz so she bought him & is very pleased with him!

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Mr. Big (left) - Boon Doc Dually x Peppys Promise - getting the job done!

-Ory Brown & Janet Rankin, Ranchers/Trainers


Duallys Mr Big tops Bar Heart Ranch Sale at $21,500!

Congratulations to them & to the buyer Cody Rood, SK.

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